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GivePower: Why ESP Partners With This Wonderful Organization

Energy Service Partners love talking about solar panels and solar energy and all things solar, but in today’s blog we want to take a moment to highlight our favorite nonprofit organization, GivePower.

We’ve been partnering with GivePower for years now, which means that we donate a portion of every contract we secure to helping GivePower in their endeavor to bring solar energy and solar water farms to communities in developing countries all over the world.


GivePower is a small, agile nonprofit organization based out of the San Francisco area which is committed to using solar power infrastructure and solar-powered water farms to bring clean energy and clean water to communities that need help all around the world.


GivePower has a team devoted to identifying communities in developing countries and communities that have been devastated by natural disasters that are without electricity and/or clean water. They then work on contacting leaders of those communities and working out a plan to bring power to them by installing solar panels and teaching the local inhabitants how to properly care and maintain the systems.

Once a plan has been established, they send a team of solar panel installers to go out and get everything constructed and up and running. Once the panels are functional, they take the time to educate the community about solar energy and work out ways for the village or town to utilize this new resource. 

givepower img1 5f5297167d58aSOLAR WATER FARMS

One way many of these rural communities are able to best use their solar panels is by powering solar water farms. GivePower has designed their own highly efficient water filtration plants that are completely powered by solar electricity. These small filtration plants are able to take dirty water, brackish water, and even seawater, and convert it into safe drinking water for up to 35,000 people every single day! 

Currently, there are an estimated 2.1 billion people who lack access to a reliable source of clean drinking water. GivePower saw that number and decided to do something about it. They have just finished their second Solar Water farm (one in Kenya, and now one in Haiti) and they are responsible for providing clean water for 70,000 people. Talk about a commitment to helping the planet!


If you’re like us, then just hearing about what this organization is doing is enough to make you want to get involved!  If we could all do as much as these guys are doing to help our fellow human beings, then the world would be a much better place. If you’re interested in donating to GivePower, please take a moment to visit their website and donate today!