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Top Reasons To GET BATTERY BACKUP In 2024

your power

By adding battery backup, you take charge of when you use the energy your solar has generated. Energy Service Partners gives you independence and control over your electricity. With constant utility rate increases – and frequent issues with outages and demand response during natural disasters – you should protect yourself and your family!

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Solar panels tax credit value and savings

Tax Credits
& Incentives

Get 30% of your costs returned to you as a tax credit! Residential renewable energy projects, including battery backup attached to solar systems, come with hefty income tax credits. If eligible, you can expect the amount to be in the thousands of dollars. Additional incentives may be available in your area – find out if you meet the criteria today!

Home Value

Studies show that solar homes sold for 4-6% more and 20% faster! When you purchase an ESP solar system, you get Pearl Certified documentation to share with realtors and appraisers. Start building green equity today.
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Save The Planet
In Style

Solar conserves natural resources and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Why wouldn’t you become your own clean energy power plant? You can be a steward of the Earth for generations by leaving a renewable legacy.

Keep The Lights ON

No more worrying about power outages. If the grid flickers any time of day or night, you’ll have stored solar energy to rely on. Keep your essentials running and ride out the blackout in style.

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Top Reasons To Choose ESP As
YouR Install Partner

icon They have done a fantastic job of ensuring everything with our solar installation and solar payments goes smoothly. They checked in with us every so often to see if we are satisfied and to answer any questions we may have. I have zero complaints and recommend them for all solar needs.

Joel D.
icon The crew that came to my house to install the solar showed up on the hottest day of the year. They worked throughout the day on the roof for 3 days straight in 110 degree heat to get the job done. I really appreciate that team's hard work.

David T.
icon ESP has been one of the most reliable solar installers we have ever worked with. They keep you in the loop and always keeps the customers happy. If there was ever an issue, they always fix it in a timely manner. Thank you ESP!

Pierre R.
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People, Process
& Passion

Here at Energy Service Partners, we have a simple formula. By partnering with amazing people, relentlessly improving processes, and engaging every challenge with passion to acheive the best outcome, we strive.

Faster Install

We’ve streamlined installing solar to be among the fastest in the industry. More than two-thirds of our customers have solar in under a month from when they sign.


Pearl Certification is third-party documentation of our solar, inverter, and battery installations. Homeowners get investment-grade documentation that can help them capture higher home value when they present it to a realtor or appraiser.

Energy-efficient homes provide a higher standard of living, and Pearl-certified homes tend to sell faster and for more money. That’s one more reason to choose ESP as your install partner!

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Our contributions to our friends at over the years have helped over 15,000 people gain access to electricity and clean drinking water, and we need your help to continue the mission. Follow our social media and blog to catch up on our latest initiatives.

We dedicate a portion of the proceeds from every successful install to local and national organizations working towards a better future through renewable energy, environmental action, and community resources.

See Our Install Process & Culture In Action

Our CEO Gary Gietz wants every project to be treated like its going on his house

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