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Authorized Dealer Program

Learn How Our Authorized Dealer Program Works
ESP Team Authorized Dealer Program

How OUR Authorized Dealer Program Works

Schedule a time to meet with our team. We’ll discuss the program and how it fits your current business needs, and how we can work together.
There’s a tiny bit of paperwork before we get to the fun stuff. Trust us, you’ll want to schedule your next meeting fast once you see what we’re giving you.
Meet your new go-to crew! We’ll give you access to the people and processes that make it all tick.
Your first paychecks are right around the corner once your first clean jobs come through the pipeline.
Our exclusive tools give you insight into all your projects and overall business flow. We’ll check in regularly to help with areas for growth opportunities.
It’s really that easy. Stop banging your head against the wall with inefficient processes and indifferent partners – sell more solar with ESP.

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Schedule a time to meet with our team to discuss the program and how it fits with your current business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer highly competitive baselines! Just sign up for an interview to get details. We’ll discuss your business and provide a pricing structure that works for you.
You’ll have access to awesome products, unparalleled support, and expertly-installed projects with fast turnaround. Simply put, we suck less than the other guys.
You know it. Past contest winners have been treated to all-inclusive vacations in Cabo, surfboards and private lessons, badass e-bikes like the SUPER 73 and more.
The most we’ll ask you do to is help us stay in touch with the homeowner for critical project progress needs. Take off all those extra hats you’ve been wearing – we just want you to sell!
Fun fact – they’re one and the same. Our base panel is the Aptos 440W black-on-black, engineered in the heart of Aptos’ Silicon Valley HQ, so you can max out your customer’s system size every time.
Anyone on your Dealer Support team is ready to pick up and take care of you. Refer to your Onboarding materials for specific contact methods and proper communication channels!

What Our Dealers Say About US

What’s in it for you?

By entrusting your installs to our dedicated team of experts, you can focus on selling and increase your pipeline velocity.
Get Paid On Time
Ever gotten stiffed on a payment? We pay weekly for any milestones hit the week before.
Speed To Roof
Waiting too long for your installations to wrap up? Our average time from project acceptance to panels on roof is under 30 days.
Permits & Paperwork
Have you been pulling your own permits? We do it all, so you have more time to sell.
Lost customers because you lost touch? We pride ourselves on multiple touchpoints and transparency throughout the process.
Spending weeks catching your reps up on finance charges and calculating system size? Our custom technology does this for you.
Project Progression
Don’t know which projects are at what stage? Track every project on your dashboard and receive notifications alongside your customer at every step.