New roof with solar panels

5 Benefits of Installing Solar Panels With a New Roof

Is it time for a new roof? According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, an average of 2.3 million single family detached homes are expected to need roof replacements each year over the next decade. Volatile weather across the country caused much damage to people’s homes during the past year and may increase the need for roof replacements even more. With the potential for more inclement weather over coming months, even homes that only experienced leaking may need to think about re-roofing.

If you’re a homeowner who needs a new roof, there is no better time to consider solar panel installation. Adding solar at the same time as replacing your roof is cost-efficient and yields many benefits.

1. An Improved Timeline

Re-roofing can be a time-consuming process that puts your entire household in disarray. Why not combine re-roofing and solar installation projects to reduce the total amount of time your house is under construction? Executing these projects back-to-back will streamline both and ultimately reduce the chaos that two separate construction projects with different timelines can create. Your teams can make a cohesive plan about which steps happen first while maximizing construction time, and ultimately, shortening the duration of both projects.

2. Protection

Installing solar panels will help protect your new roof. They improve a roof’s durability and create an extra barrier from the elements, including wind, rain, snow, ice, and even the sun itself. This will reduce future repair needs and maintenance costs.

3. Compatibility

Some roofing design and materials used are incompatible with solar panels. Completing roof replacement and solar installation simultaneously is the best way to ensure that compatible materials are used. Builders can also work with your solar team to ensure that the roof’s angle is tilted properly for solar panels and that the right type of shingling is used.

4. Tax Benefits

Tax benefits are still available for homeowners who want to pair roof replacement with solar panel installation. There are also financing options to help—you don’t need to wait for the roof to incur serious damage before scheduling roof replacement and solar installation.

5. Solar Adds Value

Solar panels increase the value of your home. They are considered upgrades in the real estate market, with new buyers willing to pay a premium for homes with solar panels already installed. Imagine the improved value of home with a new roof together with solar panels!

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