Solar Myths

Common Solar Myths – Part 2

In our last post, we covered five common solar myths about solar panel installation in California. In Part 2 of our series, we’ll look at five more solar myths and the truths that can be used to debunk them. At Energy Service Partners, we love working with solar sales teams that want to help their customers find the perfect solar panel systems for their homes, and we want our Authorized Dealers to be equipped with knowledge.

If you haven’t checked out Part 1 of this series, feel free to go back and read it before continuing with Part 2!

1. Solar Is Too Expensive to Pay for Itself

While there may be some sticker shock at first for a homeowner who is looking at installing solar panels, it is actually much easier to add solar than people might think. With financing options, rebates, tax incentives, and more, solar energy systems can more than pay for themselves in a matter of years. With the almost immediate reduction in monthly electricity costs, homeowners across California should be able to see how the short-term benefits of solar compound into long-term benefits very easily.

2. When The Power Goes Out, My Lights Stay On

Solar panels are an ideal option for anyone who wants a clean, efficient way to power their home. But what many fail to realize is that, when the power goes out on the city’s electrical grid, the solar system goes out as well. This is because the solar panels are tied into the electrical grid, like any other power plant. The excess power produced by solar gets pushed to neighboring homes, which the power company credits the generating homeowner for each month. When there’s a power outage, the solar inverters recognize it and shut down. This means there’s no power being pushed back to the grid while the utility company is trying to repair any downed lines or blown transformers. If a homeowner wants to keep the lights on when the power goes out, a battery and smart home energy management system can be installed, or a small generator could be the way to go. ESP currently installs the new SolarEdge EnergyHub and LG Chem RENU battery for interested homeowners.

3. Solar Panels Are Ugly

For any homeowner who has just built a new house, or even had the exterior updated, they may not like the idea of solar panels breaking up the visual appeal of their property. While “ugly” might seem like a harsh term when it comes to solar panels, there have been policies from homeowners’ associations in the past that prohibited panels from being installed. However, since there’s now a better understanding of how beneficial and environmentally friendly solar power can be (not to mention the economic impact), panels are often seen more as an enhancement than an eyesore. Modern solar panel manufacturers are acutely aware of customer sentiment, so they build their products with aesthetics in mind.

4. Solar Panels Will Increase My Property Tax

In many places, solar panel installation is property-tax exempt, which means it won’t cost a homeowner a penny in more taxes each year. What will happen is that the resale value of their home will go up, and the cost to insure the panels is minimal at best. Should the owner sell their home at any time in the future, the panels can be a major selling point, especially as more and more people become interested in homes with clean energy.

5. Solar Panels Need Tracking Systems In Order to Follow the Sun

As a sales rep, you might encounter hesitation from a potential client because they’re convinced that their solar panels will need to pivot and move in order to follow the sun throughout the day. While tracking systems like this do exist, they’re not very common in residential settings. The angle of panels will match the angle of the roof, and this is more than sufficient to capture enough ambient light to power the home during the day and bank excess credits for nighttime.

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If you’ve heard any of these solar myths while on a sales call or speaking in person with a customer, we hope this post will help you put some of their fears to rest. At ESP, we partner with authorized solar dealers so that we can provide exceptional services and products for homeowners across California.

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