Don't Wait to Go Solar

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Go Solar

As a company that’s been in the solar game since its infancy, we’ll tell you right now that our team at Energy Service Partners has seen it all. We’ve installed solar on just about every type of home imaginable, and we’ve also seen every excuse under the sun why it’s not time to go solar.

At times, some of these excuses have been justifiable — some people have a home that’s not situated well for optimum solar output. Others may not have been able to afford it a decade or two (or three) ago when solar was much more prohibitively expensive. But as California’s leading solar experts, we can tell you right now that things have changed, and if you haven’t yet jumped on the solar energy train, it’s about time you do.

While there were once many roadblocks in the way of getting solar panels for your home, it’s actually easier than ever now, and oftentimes, no less expensive than what you’re already paying. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait to equip your California home with solar energy.

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decrease 5eb5cc11f3b72There’s a misconception out there that solar energy is too expensive for the average homeowner. Monthly power savings aside, there is the undeniable fact that you need to pay for the cost of the solar panels, and their installation. Now, if you paid all at once, there would be a lot of merit in this argument. But, for the majority of California homeowners, financing is a much more affordable and realistic option.

The prices of solar panels vary greatly, depending on the size of your home, the type of panels you’re getting installed, how many, and your financing plan. No matter what, you’ll be paying a monthly cost. But it’s important to remember that you’re not adding a new cost to your finances — you’re actually replacing one with another.

Because solar panels give you energy straight from the sun, you end up using virtually no power from the grid. So, that pesky power bill you’re used to paying each month? It’s either gone, or reduced to dollars and cents. So, even though that bill is replaced by a solar financing plan for a certain amount of years, you’re no longer just throwing money down the drain. Eventually, you’ll pay your system off, and you’ll pay virtually nothing in power fees every month. Not bad, right?

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Every piece of technology experiences diminishing returns in its value. Consider TVs, for example. Today’s 72 inch, OLED 8k TV might cost thousands of dollars. In a few years, however, that same TV would likely be valued at far cheaper, possibly a few hundred dollars. This is the nature of technology — the more time that passes, the more tech is released, and thus the prices of old tech go down.

This has been the trend in the solar industry for the last few decades. Indeed, solar tech has become more sophisticated, easier to manufacture, and much more ubiquitous, resulting in much more affordable prices than yesteryear. When we say that solar power is more affordable than it’s ever been, we’re not kidding. Decades of growth have culminated to this point, where even a happy millennial couple buying their first home can afford solar.

But, don’t be led astray by this — because of the declining prices, many people assume that solar will be even cheaper if they wait a few years. While this is possible, the amount of cost decline likely won’t justify the years that you spend waiting, because it will be such a small difference. While all tech depreciates, it’s not an exponential curve, or a never-ending decline. At a certain point, a product sinks down to its minimum value and doesn’t get much cheaper. If that weren’t so, it would be trivial buying an old used car for $5, but that doesn’t really happen.

This is more or less what has happened with solar. Solar will likely continue to get cheaper, but the days of sharp depreciation are in the past. The cost of solar panels has pretty much stabilized, so the benefits you get from investing now will outweigh the trivial savings you might get if you wait a few more years.

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solar 2 5eb5bfa19c651For some people, solar energy is an easy choice, because it just makes economic sense. Why would you choose not to save money? It’s possible you might not be overly concerned with the other benefits of going solar, such as the way that it helps out our planet, but we’re going to talk about it anyway, because it’s quite the positive side-effect.

In a nutshell, solar energy allows you to be unshackled from dependence on power plants, and it creates renewable energy from the power of the sun, instead of from your power grid.

The reason why grid electricity is problematic is that it contributes to fossil fuel. That power needs to come somewhere, and at its source, there are great machines toiling away, pumping pollutants into the air. The more people that make the switch to solar energy, the less power they’ll need from the grid. If we can reduce the burden of these fossil fuel-based systems, we’ll be doing Mother Earth — and mankind — a favor.

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This point may not be applicable forever, but at the time of this blog post’s writing, the COVID-19 pandemic is still at large, and millions of Californians are at home each day, working from home and taking classes over Zoom meetings. Instead of going out, people are staying at home, watching films in their home theater or jumping into video games. Without a doubt, many homes are using up electricity more than usual, and that’s another reason why it’s a great idea to stop procrastinating the switch to solar power — the sooner you make the change, the less you’ll be paying for power.

Of course, this won’t only be relevant during COVID-19. This virus has caused a paradigm shift for much of the world, and many businesses are already changing their ways to accommodate more permanent work-from-home policies for their employees. If you work a desk job, it’s highly possible you might not be going back to the office after all, and if you’re looking at a future where you’re increasing your dependence on technology day-by-day, going solar is a prudent way to prepare for that.

Energy Service Partners – California’s Leading Solar Installation Company

The time to get solar is now. If you’re living in a California home, there’s no reason not to wait. With all new homes in California being mandated to have solar energy from here on out, you don’t want to be the one that gets left in the dust of grid power. Thankfully, you have a great option: Energy Service Partners.

As California’s leading solar installation company, we partner with solar providers all over the state to provide homeowners with the highest-quality solar systems on the market. Not only that, we sport the fastest installation times in the industry, and we keep in contact with our clients so that the experience, from start to finish, is nothing short of excellent. Whether you’re a homeowner itching to get into solar ASAP, or a solar company looking for a high-integrity installation partner, we urge you to contact us today.

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