Enjoy our All-In-One Sales App.

In fact we’ve built our own sales system which allows sales reps to create a custom order in less than 10 minutes. Our proprietary platform assists with everything from door canvassing and instant proposals to the application and finance approval process including digital signatures and project tracking.

Keeping customers informed and up to date on the status of their project is easy too with our project app.

Platform Details

  • Door Canvassing
  • CRM / Leads & Scheduling Management
  • Sync or Easily Collect Utility Consumption
  • Design and Price Solar System with extras
  • Select the best finance options and easily apply & sign docs
  • Schedule Site Survey & Track Project through Completion
  • Give your customer the Homeowner app to track and manage their project
  • ….All in one app!

Partner With Industry Experts

We fiercely innovate and fine-tune our abilities to install residential solar because we believe in its power to change the world. We believe in and support hard-working producers like you who are determined to maximize the benefits of solar power for homeowners across California and Nevada. In short, we’re the installation partner who will care for your customers just as seriously as you do — if not more. We have the depth and creativity to streamline your customer’s installations and make sure it will satisfy their needs for years to come, and we have the ratings to back it up.

Contact us today — we can’t wait to get started.