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Welcome to the Energy Service Partners blog! Today, we’re going to start off simple, and get our blog kicked off with a general idea of who we are, and what it is we have to offer. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Energy Service Partners!

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WelcometoOurBlog icon 0 5eb08e845daa7At Energy Service Partners, we’re a solar installation company with a twist. Most solar installation companies work directly with homeowners to get their solar panels installed. Instead, we work business to business (B2B) installing solar panels. What this means is that we collaborate with solar panel providers like you to get their products implemented and installed in a way that a) saves the solar panel provider money and time, b) increases the reputation of a solar panel provider, and c) provides a logistical solution to the many solar panel providers who are struggling to keep up with each step of the solar panel process.

Ultimately, we put the word “Partners” in our name, because that is what we aspire to be. We want to bring our 25 plus years of solar panel installation experience to the amazing solar panel providers who are so important to this next wave of energy consumption.

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WelcometoOurBlog icon 1 5eb08e8d23b23The easy answer to this question is this: Because no one else does what we do. You have solar installation companies that are contracted by homeowners, and you have solar panel companies who try to execute the entire process from creation to installation. We provide a unique service, working directly with the businesses that sell solar panels to make the installation process streamlined and painless.

But it doesn’t stop there. When we work with a business to install their solar panel, there is so much we bring to the table. First off, we give solar panel suppliers the freedom to focus on what they excel at — selling solar panels. We do this by covering every single aspect of the installation process of a transparent, reliable schedule.

We care immensely about customer service, and always ensure that the customer is heard, cared for, and involved with their project. This goes for the customers receiving the solar panels as well as the solar panel providers we partner with. We do this by consistently communicating with all involved parties, but also by giving them access to our proprietary software. Among other things, this software includes the following features:

  • Door Canvassing
  • CRM / Leads & Scheduling Management
  • Sync or Easily Collect Utility Consumption
  • Design and Price Solar System with Extras
  • Select The Best Finance Options and Easily Apply & Sign Docs
  • Schedule Site Survey & Track Project Through Completion
  • Customer Tracking Of Project Through Our App
  • And Much More!

For solar panel providers, this helps draw more business, organize projects, and manage the cash flow of a project. For the customer, this provides insight into the timeline of their project, financing options, and peace of mind that expectations are being met.

WelcometoOurBlog icon 2 5eb08e95e0100Beyond our customer service, we also work with solar panel providers to train their employees in what we do, and how to talk about the services we provide once the project gets to the installation portion. This makes for a cohesive experience for the business partner as well as their customers.

Finally, our process is reliable and unmatched. We create the design and plan for the solar panel project. We then get that design and plan approved by the customer and the local municipality. Upon approval, we acquire all of the necessary installation equipment and install the solar panels. After the panels are in place, we have them inspected by the municipality, turn on the panels, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Thanks for spending some time with us today! Hopefully, this has given you insight into the services we offer. If you have any questions about the services we offer, want to know more about our process, or are interested in becoming a partner, contact us today!

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