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The power of Quativa is yours when you become an Authorized Dealer with ESP. Access all of the sales software and business management tools from one app.

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Quativa was built for solar people, by solar people.


Business Management

Manage your sales teams, territories, leads, and reps wherever you are.


Prospecting and Proposals

Integrated door knocking and lead
management tools allow you to go from
prospect to proposal in seconds. quativa3

Superpowered Financing

Simplify how you compare finance options. Apply for credit, get approval, and sign docs right from the Quativa app.

Lead Tracking

Schedule, communicate, and track leads, opportunities, and projects across the entire organization

Dynamic Presentation

Educate, select products, and design solar in our 100% customer-facing presentation that makes the process fun and engaging.

Project Transparency

See projects move through key installation milestones with our built-in project tracker.

Become an Authorized Dealer

Quativa is feature-rich and includes built-in sales management tools


Quativa’s canvassing tool comes with on-demand homeowner info through QDATA, increasing conversion on the doors and in the home. QDATA lets you see prospects income, home value, name, and more. Simply click on a home or enter an address.

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Design & Proposal

Don’t wait for layouts or pricing calculations to come back hours or days later. Quativa has you covered. Design on-the-fly and delight your soon-to-be customers with fully customized layouts in minutes.

Become an Authorized Dealer

Clean Contracts

Ever had to go back for that last doc you forgot to sign? Never again. Quativa is straightforward and walks you and the homeowner step-by-step to gather all required information, run credit, sign agreements and more, right at your fingertips.

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