Solar energy is an industry that’s on the rise, and it’s highly possible that you’ve discovered our website because you’re a California homeowner looking to implement solar panels into your home. That’s great news! Unfortunately, you’re in the wrong place. While we do install solar panel systems, we do not sell them. Solar energy sales companies do that, and once you’ve decided on solar panels for your home, we’re the ones who provide the parts and install the solar system, ensuring that it will last for decades to come. If you’re looking for a good solar system for your home, contact us today and we can refer you to a quality solar partner in your area. 

But homeowners aren’t the only folks visiting our website. At Energy Service Partners, we team up with solar power sales companies to install their systems in homes all across the state. Are you in the solar business looking for a great installation partner? Keep reading, because we’re always looking for new companies to work with, and with the fastest cycle times in the industry, you won’t regret signing up with us. 

Our Partner Program

Solar power is more viable today than it ever has been in the past. With increased accessibility, and the ever-growing list of environmental concerns that grows bigger every day, it’s no secret that homeowners are moving to solar energy in droves. But it’s also no secret that there are a lot of moving parts in the solar industry, and it can be overwhelming trying to run the whole operation by yourself.

At Energy Service Partners, we believe that it’s best to let people do what they do best, and that’s why we focus on installation and fulfillment while you focus on sales. By separating these two aspects of solar energy implementation, it allows both parties to excel at what they specialize in.

Our partner program is fairly simple — you sell solar power systems to California homeowners, and we provide the parts and install them. To provide maximum value to the homeowners, we will work closely with you so that we are always on the same page. You’ll always be in the loop of what products we can provide, and we’ll make sure that you have accurate projections of turnaround times and everything else you need to sell your clients on solar power.

The Benefits Of a Solar Installation Partnership

The solar business isn’t cut and dry — there are many players in the game who operate in their own unique ways. In our case, we focus exclusively on the installation and fulfillment side of things, and we’re looking for partners who want someone to take that aspect of the business off of their hands.

You’ll Benefit From Our Solar Installation Partnership IF:

  • You’re a new solar energy company looking for a great installation partner to kick things off with
  • You currently have a fulfillment partner but you’re not happy with their quality of service
  • You currently handle solar power installation but you’re looking to offload that part of your business and focus on sales