There’s no doubt that this last month has been difficult for pretty much everyone, and as things currently stand, it looks like April isn’t going to be much different. Society is on lockdown to an unprecedented degree. Many people have been laid-off, and many others are understandably concerned about their own health or the health of their loved ones.

This is an important moment in history. When you look back, what do you want to be able to say? We can’t speak for you, but we know what our answer is — we want to be able to say that we tried as hard as possible to support our fellow man during this pandemic.

But everybody has the power to do some good during the COVID-19 pandemic; you don’t need to have the money, manpower, or infrastructure of an established business. Here are some ways that we can all support each other until we weather this storm.

Donating to Charity

Many people wonder how much they can do to help their fellow man when social distancing measures forbid them from gathering in groups or even leaving the house outside of essential tasks. While you might not be able to go and participate in group service projects, you still have the power to support good causes with your wallet. We encourage all of our California neighbors to do some research on high-integrity charities, and to consider donating to their cause.

Our Donation to APCH

As a family-run business, we understand all too well how business closures are affecting people’s families. While we are blessed to be able to continue our operations, we know that countless families are struggling right now — and it’s even worse for families who were already in a tough place before the pandemic hit.

That’s why we recently donated $5,000 to APCH, otherwise known as A Place Called Home. This is a charity that’s focused on supporting California youth and families during their time of need. At this moment where the pandemic is majorly affecting our economy, we couldn’t think of a better cause to donate to. Even better, our donation was matched by Gareth Schweitzer, a board member of the foundation, totaling the contribution to $10,000.

Supporting Businesses

As a business ourselves, it would seem a bit self-serving to include this point in this blog post. But there are greater stakes here — the reality is that our economy has the potential to crumble into a disaster if we don’t stimulate it as much as we reasonably can with spending. Like we mentioned above, we’re a family company here at Energy Service Partners, and the last thing we would ever want to do is send our employees home without pay because we can’t afford to operate anymore.

Fortunately, ESP is fairly well-bolstered against the pandemic. We continue to provide our services to California homeowners who have decided to go solar, and we have enough resources to ensure that we won’t be doomed in a crisis such as COVID-19. But that’s not true for every business. What about your local corner restaurant who hasn’t been able to open their doors for a month? What about your favorite brick and mortar bookstore? A lot of businesses are either closed down or struggling due to the limited availability of their services. In our private lives, our team at ESP is doing our best to support local businesses, and we hope you do too!

While it’s easy to give in to fear during this unprecedented event, it’s important to stay calm, positive, and hopeful. Nobody benefits from fear-mongering and panic. We’re not advocating anyone to downplay the seriousness of the virus, but rather to keep their cool and remain optimistic. For countries and states that have taken strong measures against the virus, there is data suggesting that they’re on a downward trend, and if this continues through other infected areas, it’s good news.

This is a difficult period, where many of us feel lonely, isolated, or nervous about the future — especially if there’s no income coming in. But as a business who has traveled all over California carrying out our solar installations, we know how strong the people in our state are. We’re confident that we can get through this together.

California’s Leading Solar Installation Company

Thankfully, Energy Service Partners remains quite capable of remaining in business during the pandemic. Aside from our office staff working at home, we’re able to carry out our solar installation services with small teams and extremely minimal contact to homeowners. Are you considering solar power for your home? Do you wish to learn more about renewable energy? As California’s leading solar installer, we’d be happy to help. Contact us today to get started!