With ESP as your trusted installation partner

ESP manages everything from prospecting to PTO

so you can focus on selling

we've got the technology

Our innovative software platform connects all parties involved and keeps you up to date every step of the way.

we're fast

We are able to complete 90% of our jobs in under 30 days, and 75% in under 21 days.

we're reliable

We're a logistics company that keeps everything efficient and moving at a predictable pace.

we keep things moving

By setting clear expectations with homeowners and our partners, we keep everything moving forward at lightning speed.

we focus on keeping customers happy

Our software platform keeps things simple so the customer is informed and satisfied throughout the installation.

homeowners love us

Our commitment to integrity, communications, and speed ensure your customer's satisfaction.

Becoming an Authorized Dealer with ESP is much more than just signing an agreement.

People: Onboarding

Join the ESP team with confidence - you've got the California solar panel experts behind you. Unlock a full suite of financing options, proposal tools, training, and knowledge base built on decades of experience. Our Account Executives will guide you through every step so you can hit the ground running.


Process: Technology

Gain access to Quativa, the most advanced solar power sales tool on the market, built for solar people by solar people. No more multitudes of logins to apps that don't talk to each other, and forget those monthly subscription fees. Our all-in-one solution is free to all ESP Authorized Dealers.

Passion: Dedicated Team

As a sales professional, you're our customer, and your customers are our customers - we're here to serve. We offer a 25-year workmanship warranty guaranteeing we did the job right (visit our Support page to ask for more details). Get in touch with your future account executive today!


"ESP core values have been
built on the foundation
of accountability"

- Gary Gietz, CEO ESP

ESP supports every stage necessary to increase sales, delight customers, and grow your business.


ESP has a robust onboarding program designed to prepare you and your teams for fast effective selling.

Our dedicated account team will train you on Quativa, our all-in-one solar sales app, quickly enabling you to generate proposals and sign documents from the palm of your hand.


From site surveys to final inspection, our dedicated team will manage your solar panel project every step of the way.

The days of calling in for project status updates are over. Get instant updates via our dealer dashboard or through our app with the click of a button. Once you hand off the sales contract, our countdown clock to completion begins. We set expectations so we can achieve predictable timelines on every project.

long-term support

Congrats, your homeowner has solar! But what about warranty or questions about their system?

ESP not only provides a 25-year workmanship guarantee, but also nurtures your customer relationships to make sure you get referrals months after the job is complete. Your sales team can get back to what you do best, with the backup provided by our pipeline review and sales acceleration tools.

You know how to sell solar, but it doesn't matter if panels never make it to the roof.

By entrusting your installs to our dedicated team of experts, you can focus on selling and increase your pipeline velocity.

Get Paid on Time

Ever gotten stiffed on a payment? We pay weekly upon job completion.

Speed to Roof

Waiting too long for your installations to wrap up? Our average time from project acceptance to panels on roof is under 25 days.

Permits & Paperwork

Have you been pulling your own permits? We do it all, so you have more time to sell.


Lost customers because you lost touch? We pride ourselves on multiple touchpoints and transparency throughout the process.


Spending weeks catching your reps up on finance charges and calculating system size? Our custom technology does this for you.

Project Progression

Don't know which projects are at what stage? Track every project on your dashboard and receive notifications alongside your customer at every step.

We give constant updates to homeowners, reps, and dealers


 Sales partners and homeowners
in California love us.